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I have always loved photography, went digital in 2001 and in early 2006 I started shooting with the Canon 350D and selling my pictures on stockphoto agencies. I once started with microstock agencies which pay in Dollars, but right now I am only uploading new stuff to sites which pay in Euros.
See my portfolios at:

Zoonar.com (Search language: English and German)
My images at Zoonar sorted in categories: my Zoonar shop
Yay Micro.com (Search language: English)
Mostphotos.com (Search language: English)
Two of the dollar sites I for now have stopped uploading to are iStockphoto and StockXpert, you can still find some of my older images there:
'Water Chestnuts' @ iStockphoto'Sofa' @ iStockphoto'Candy' @ Zoonar'Architecture' @ iStockphoto'Bark' @ iStockphoto

'Wild Rose tea' @ iStockphoto'Neighbourhood' @ iStockphoto'Red Hook' @ iStockphoto'Corridor' @ Zoonar'Blonde Hair' @ iStockphoto'Hamburg' @ iStockphoto'Embroidery' @ Zoonar

'Tunnel' @ Zoonar'Eye protection' @ iStockphoto'3 red lights' @ iStockphoto'Ink cartridges' @ iStockphoto'Stair' @ iStockphoto
Some of my older images are gathered in lightboxes (galleries) on iStockphoto.com:
Link to gallery: Architecture
Link to gallery: Hamburg harbour
Link to gallery: Background textures and patterns
Link to gallery: Night scenes
Link to gallery: Graffitis
Link to gallery: Graveyard
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